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You can now Pre-order the film on DVD.  Worldwide postage and at a discounted price.

Its’ here!  The official trailer!!!  Almost a year in the making.  We are so excited to finally get the film out for people to see.  VIP premiere tonight and then the WORLD premiere at the Grand Depart for the Tour De France in Leeds at the festival of cycling on Friday.  Keep an eye out for us and the film.  Being shown again on Saturday.  WE ARE SO EXCITED!!!

The film is finished!  Premiere in 5 days time.  Official poster is ready…trailer is being cut…it’s getting pretty darn exciting.

We’ve been busy!  here’s a snippet from the film, this time featuring mountain bike legends Tracy Moseley and Rob Warner telling us why the mountain bike has been so important to them.  It also gave us a chance to use our new Go Pro Hero 3’s and also shoot some 50fps on the Canon C300, a camera we are all falling in love with.  I think Rob and Tracy inspired us all the dust off our mountain bikes and go exploring over Easter.  It’s also our last 24 hours on our current crowd funding campaign.  Please go have a look at the perks if you haven’t done so already.  Lots of cool stuff still on there…and rumor has it the premiere just before the Tour De France is going to be pretty awesome!  Follow the link below to find out more :)

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I almost forgot!  Here is our new teaser.  This time featuring Sir David Brailsford.  Enjoy!

We had an AMAZING time filming at Bespoked ‘Hand built bicycle’ show in London at the weekend.  Saw some stunning bikes and interviewed some very interesting people.  Michael pictured above spoke to us about Fixed Gear London and what it’s like to cycle through the city on a Fixie.  I had my eye on this lovely flat black Nerve 953, as light as a feather.  Going to get saving! 

We are in the final week of our current crowd funding campaign.  We can’t make this film with out you guys so please help if you can.  Lots of really cool perks, you can even get to meet me and the team.

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Watch: A Visual History Of The Bicycle

The film will be showing this evolution in more detail.  Great bit of animation.

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They call him the Mastermind behind the British cycling teams dominance of track cycling and more recently Tour De France victories.  Sir David Brailsford was interviewed last night at the home of British cycling- the Manchester Velodrome.  There is no doubting this mans influence of the resurgence of cycling in the UK.  Interested to hear what he has to say?  Keep up with all the news on the film at

This week the crew have been incredibly busy filming in - now officially Britain’s best city - Bristol!

Yesterday we spoke to none other than George Ferguson, The Mayor of Bristol, about his involvement in the early days of cycle campaigning, among some great insight into what’s happening for cyclists in Bristol today.

We then took a trip over to the iconic Moulton Cycles Factory, who were responsible for evolving the design of the safety bike. Here, we filmed the intricate production process of their brilliant bicycles.

We also had a chat with Melissa Henry from Sustrans about their work to keep the bicycle scene in Britain thriving, as well as speaking to David Sproxton from Aardman animations about his involvement in the early days of Cycle Bag and Sustrans.

We then spoke to Tony Hadland, cycling historian, before heading over to Roll for the Soul, which is a fantastic cafe and community cycling hub.

Today, the crew are busy filming with professional mountain bikers Tracy Mosely and Rob Warner about their amazing jobs. Exciting stuff!